Queen of gambling establishments-casino game online roulette

It is well known that the active promotion of the game of roulette began back in 1800 in Europe, where entertainment gained wide popularity among the nobility. Since that time, the prestigious title ‘Queen of Casino Games’ has been strengthened during the game, which to this day is relevant. The device of this entertainment is a roulette wheel, with a diameter of up to 90 cm, with numerical sectors in the amount of 37 pieces (American roulette has 38 sections).

With the advent of the Internet, players were given the opportunity to try their luck at the casino game online roulette. Bets are made here in special fields where the numbers are placed in a special order and have alternating red and black colors.

A huge number of players around the world to play free online casino roulette games use the services of gaming platforms that offer hundreds of interesting gaming tables, including live roulette games. Here are the benefits of this fun entertainment that guides users:

  • a variety of casino game online roulette and ease of access to the game;
  • vast amount of different bets;
  • ease of learning the necessary strategies for obtaining guaranteed winnings;
  • a relatively low percentage of the casino’s advantage over the game participants;
  • participation in roulette tournaments without leaving your home with high odds to win.

Each player can choose for themselves the most suitable type of roulette, as well as the method of the game, which is able to bring maximum wins.

Some features of casino game online roulette

We can say that for a truly fascinating casino game online roulette adds many additional options that allow you to make complex bets. In order to start online play casino roulette game, you need to select your number and place a bet on it using chips for a certain amount. After that, you can start the roulette wheel by clicking on the necessary button.

When the wheel stops moving, a number will appear on the screen near which the ball is. If this is a figure selected by the player, then the winning value will be displayed. Also, during the game, each user has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rules and get information about a suitable game strategy.

Basic rules of casino game online roulette

The rules for all kinds of casino game online roulette are simple and similar. The main difficulty in the game for visitors is usually the study of possible bets. Here are their types:

  1. Straight up bet on a specific number with a chance of winning 35:1.
  2. Split up bet on two numbers with a win of 17:1.
  3. Street bet on the outer line of the row with a win of 11:1.
  4. Split bet for three digits – (0 or 00) and numbers from the first row (1, 2, 3) with a win of 11:1.
  5. Corner bet is made on four numbers, or four of a kind. Here the gain is 8:1.
  6. Six line bet on two rows with a win of 5:1.
  7. Column bet on one of three columns with a 2:1 win.
  8. Dozen bet on (1-12), (13-24), (25-36) with a win of 2:1.
  9. Bet 1-18/19-36 on more or less with a win of 1:1.
  10. Even/Odd – 1:1.
  11. Red/Black – 1:1.

In addition to these basic bets, each player can choose additional “neighbors” and “sectors” with separate special fields.

A variety of casino game online roulette

The original casino game online roulette will never be able to bother its players, as this entertainment has more than a dozen types, the most popular of which are:

  1. The most famous European, French and American roulettes.
  2. HD roulette with live croupier, which is constantly visible to players from a convenient angle. The rules here are like European roulette.
  3. The most honest roulette without Zero.
  4. Roulette with a Track field where oral bets are made.

In order to help players confidently online play casino roulette game, it is necessary to conduct a more informative description of the three main types of games.

Popular European roulette

Here the roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors with numbers from 1 to 36 and with a single zero “0”. The casino advantage is estimated at 2.7%. But special rules can be used. If zero is dropped when betting on chance, then according to the Prison rule, the bet remains on the table.

In the case when she plays in the next game, the player has the right to withdraw the entire bet amount back. There is a rule of surrender when, under the same circumstances, a player can take back half of the bet.

Exciting French roulette

There is also a playing field divided into 37 sectors, there is one zero, there is the opportunity to make an oral bet, the En Prison and La Partage favorable rules apply, and the casino advantage is the lowest and equals 1.35%. This type of roulette is most in demand among many players.

Features of American roulette

Compared to European and French roulette, there are two sectors of zero (0, 00). When one of these sectors falls out, all bets are lost.

Therefore, in this embodiment, the casino’s biggest advantage over players is 5.3%, which makes the game less attractive. The Prison rule is also introduced here.

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