Online live Roulette casino — the emotions and new favorite games

When a gambler chooses online live Roulette casino with a live dealer, he gets the feeling that he is gambling in a real casino. He can play for hours and enjoy online live Roulette casino game while chatting with beautiful girls. During the game, he will play with real people, not with the program.

Advantages of the best online live Roulette casino

The best online live Roulette casino like NetEnt, where each dealer is a real person gives players the truest sense of the game. They not only have the appropriate software, but also the real scope. These rooms are located in different countries and work in many languages. After downloading the client, the gamer will be able to connect to these arcades through the system cameras.

He can select multiple angles tracking tables. The dealers or croupiers in a casino are beautiful girls and handsome guys. Bonuses while playing with live dealers are the same as in the real casino. That is considered the biggest advantage of these games. They gamble like in a real casino and get bonuses like a real one. Since the competition between online casinos has increased in recent years, they offer big bonuses to their customers who have complete loyalty and the willingness to always go to a meeting.

The size of these bonuses is much higher than in usual casinos — it can be up to several thousand dollars! Besides, the level of control there is at the highest level. The licenses are issued based on the review of all services.

Online live casino – the unique benefits are guaranteed

Playing online casino live Roulette, the gambler should know that he has the following benefits:

  • Any online live Roulette casino is not an automatic program, but an exciting game with a real croupier;
  • The player sees all actions in the video dealer, bets, hear the sound of the cards, the movement of the ball;
  • Fair play with the broadcast in real-time is stunning;
  • The ability to swap in the atmosphere of a real casino, even sitting at home by the computer is amazing;
  • A huge amount of positive emotions in the game and bonuses are guaranteed.

Tips to win playing Roulette in live casino

Guaranteed profits cannot be promised when playing in any online live Roulette casino like Evolution, for example. However, using special tips, players can increase their success and also reduce the risk of a loss. Players should focus on discipline and serenity. In addition, to play good at the table in a live casino requires detailed knowledge of Roulette rules and probabilities of winning.

Therefore, before a gamer plays his Roulette game, he should be fully informed about it and work out a special strategy of what to do in the event of winnings and losses.

With “Kesselgucken” to success

Kesselgucken is the coolest strategy used by many professional Roulette players. To make money with it players need good judgment and a quick hand. The player must get a good feel for how the ball lands on the Roulette wheel as soon as the croupier throws it. Within seconds, the player must be able to make a good guess as to which pocket or a section the ball will fall into. One or more bets will then be placed as quickly as possible before the dealer announces that he will no longer accept bets. This is easier said than done, but it is possible to use the betting trick when the player is ready to take many practice lessons.

There are many factors to consider when using the Kesselgucken strategy. One is the speed of the rotating Roulette wheel and the starting position of the ball before the croupier drops it. The speed of a player’s judgment as to which number or group of numbers he should bet is also of paramount importance when using this strategy. This is important because the player basically has to deal with only a small fraction of the time before the dealer announces that he does not take bets. The reason for the late bets of the player is obvious: The later he finishes the bet, the easier he can guess where the ball lands.

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