Best online casino for roulette

The goal of the roulette game is to predict the winning number and place a bet on it. Before the ball falls, players have the opportunity to place their bets on a specially marked area on the table – sectors, trying to predict the winning number. In this case, you can choose not only one number, but two, three or more. Virtually every player can bet on all roulette numbers with his own strategy.

The player also can win if he put some bets on additional fields. For example, if any red number appears, the bet on “Red” wins. A bet on the “Black”, respectively, loses. In roulette, there are a sufficient number of different additional and combined bets.

Best online casinos to gamble roulette

Playing roulette requires money and nerve cells, and also a high level of casino work, as well as comfort for the player. Therefore, it is necessary to select the online casino as meticulously as possible, dwelling only on those options that are ready to make the game process as enjoyable as possible. We review gambling houses and choose the best online roulette casino for US players.

We need to recommend the most reliable and the best online casino for roulette. We check the convenience of the casino specifically for those roulette lovers. Our experts evaluate the total number of game options and the availability and quality of each version.

Also, we check the download speed and operation of the game. After all, the ability to make a move promptly has super importance to ensure a win-win game. We check all bonuses for players, tables and payout odds.

Live roulette with a dealer

What is the best online casino for roulette? We think that these are those who offer live games. Many online gambling houses that we recommend offer classy live roulette game. What it is? This is a casino game in studio mode with a real professional dealer. In a game with a live dealer, your winnings depend solely on luck, and not on a random number generator.

Everything that happens live is broadcast on your computer screen. Besides, you can communicate with the dealer and other players. Playing roulette with a live dealer allows you to experience playing in a real casino, combined with the comfort of your home.

Best roulette slots to play

There are two main types of roulette – European and American. Professionals with long experience advise novice gamers to choose the first option. This is explained by the fact that in European roulette there are only one zero sector.

Let’s highlight some top roulette slots:

  • Roulette from Playtech is a digital version of the classic table casino game, playing according to the rules of European roulette;
  • In European Roulette from NetEnt everything is made in the style of a casino: a gambling table, a camera on behalf of the player and, of course, an animated roulette wheel which is stunning;
  • American Roulette from NetEnt – online version of classic American roulette. The field consists of 38 cells, as well as a wheel on which the winning number falls.

There are two zero sectors in the American version. Therefore, the chances of beginners in European roulette will be higher, and the risk of loss is reduced.

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