Guest blogging is a consistent and efficient method of building relationships with others in your industry. It is also a proven strategy to build back links to your website and create brand awareness. Here we provide a list of blogs that accept guest posts. You can utilize this list to identify opportunities for guest blogging and improve your domain authority.

Advantages of guest bloggingWoman writing a guest post

After the recent Google Penguin update, the Google algorithm has been altered to de-index websites that use black hat techniques, over-optimized SEO, keyword stuffing, and hidden links. This is a manifestation of Google’s continued efforts in reducing web spam and promoting high-quality sites that provide good user experience.

With this update, many of the earlier link building strategies have been adversely affected. But guest posting is definitely here to stay. You can always improve the performance of your website by contributing high quality guest posts to a blog that is specific to your niche.

You can find your niche in the list of blogs that accept guest posts below.

Some of the prominent advantages of guest blogging are listed below.

  • Acquiring back links—You can improve your ranking at Google Page rank and Alexa rank through increased back links. These help in improving your website traffic and provide you networking opportunities.
  • Larger Platform—Guest posting at a quality blog gives you a bigger platform to share your thoughts and hence, earns you more viewership and social media exposure.
  • Popularity—If your guest post is widely appreciated, you can meet like-minded people and even get further requests for guest blogging. This is a great opportunity to promote your brand.

Handy guest posting tracker software

While guest posting to multiple websites, you may have difficulty keeping track of submitted posts and approval statuses. To mitigate this issue, you can utilize the software,, and track your guest posts effectively.
You should be aware that a small monthly fee is charged for availing yourself of the benefits of the software. is a must-have for bloggers who submit a large number of guest posts to various websites.

List of Blogs that Accept Guest PostsList of blogs that accept guest posts

We have segregated blogs that entertain guest posts on the basis of genre. Here are the top 8 categories.

Art blogs that accept guest posts

These are two of the best art blogs that accept guest blogging.
Alexa rank: 10,801

Before you submit a guest post to this blog, go through their guidelines on the guest post page. Note the rejected formats in the guidelines and ensure that your article is formatted appropriately.
Alexa rank: 7,471

Go through the posts on this blog to learn about their focus and tastes. Register as a new user before submitting your post. Remember to attach good quality images to your article.

Business blogs that accept guest postsWoman writing guest post

You can apply to write for these top business blogs. Each blog will surely give you high-traffic links that are valuable for the growth of your brand.
Alexa rank: 442

Visit the guidelines page and submit your guest post as per the instructions there.
Alexa rank: 10,000

This blog assists small business owners and start-ups. Guest posts should also be targeted towards small businesses.

Photography Blogs that accept guest posts

If you run a photography blog and need vital links to new subscribers or readers, you should write for this list of blogs that accept guest posts.
Alexa rank: 42,565

After free registration, you can submit your article in accordance to the website guidelines.
Alexa rank: 18,525

Understand the focus of the blog by reviewing the posts there. Send your article with a description of yourself to their email address. If it is accepted, you will be featured on their blog with credits and back links to your website.

Finance blogs that accept guest posts

If you have a passion for personal finance, products, and financial literature, you should check out these top finance blogs.
Alexa rank: 13,000

This website prefers informal writing that is unique and clear. Avoid politics, and write in the flow of a story.
Alexa rank: 99,000

The posts on this blog deal with financial issues for the American audience. Pitch your idea to the blog moderator first. If approved, you can send your write-up with your email id.

Freelancer writing guest postFreelancing blogs that accept guest posts

Read through these freelancing blogs and identify where you can pitch your idea.
Alexa rank: 18,184

To get an idea of their writing style and content, read through their previous guest posts. As per the guest blogging guidelines, you are allowed to provide links to other articles and link back to your website as well. For your guest post to be accepted, you should be able to write creatively with a lot of detailing.
Alexa rank: 165,401

To submit a guest post here, you are required to send the complete article, as opposed to pitch.

Blogging blogs that accept guest posts

If you have always wanted to write about blogging tips and techniques, browse through these websites for guest posting opportunities.
Alexa rank: 3,000

This website accepts practical advice for their readers on a vast range of topics like SEO, blog design, monetization strategies, case studies, how-to articles on blogging and WordPress tips.
Alexa rank: 5,600

This website accepts guest posts on blogging techniques, internet marketing, and writer experiences in blogging journey. Minimum word count for blog posts is 400.

Travel Blogs that accept guest postsTravel blogs that accept guest posts

If you specialize in travel writing, then you can gain more visibility by writing for these travel blogs that accept guest posts.
Alexa rank: 131,938

This blog is known for publishing list articles with many points. You can read through the guest posting guidelines and send an innovative, well-written article to the site moderator.
Alexa rank: 84,835

Send them a pitch first, and if accepted, you can forward your write-up. Global Grasshopper publishes posts on a variety of travel-related topics, and you should go through their existing blog posts to understand their tastes.

Gaming blogs that accept guest posts

The following blogs will surely excite writers who are passionate about gaming.
Alexa rank: 18,842

Apart from guest blogging, you can also avail other perks by becoming a contributor to the blog.
Alexa rank: 106,333

Submit your guest post as per the guidelines listed out on this blog. If selected, you are allowed to post 2-3 back links to your website.


Since many online readers visit the same social networks and blogs related to their industry, seeing the same author at multiple sites reinforces the idea that he is an industry expert. This helps you in building individual and business branding.
Even though it takes a large amount of dedication to write stellar guest posts, the benefits that you reap from this far outweigh the time that you invested.

I hope that you have found this list of blogs that accept guest posts helpful.