Blogging can be beneficial to any business or individual. Have you ever asked yourself why some bloggers are so successful while others never seem to go anywhere? Well part of the answer is the personality of the person. We all know people that will never be successful no matter what they do. It simply isn’t in their nature. But there are plenty of bloggers out there that could be successful if they just had some direction.


Today I will share three tips that every successful blogger implements into their blogging strategy and you should too.

Blogging Tip #1

Blog Often – Every successful blogger that I know publishes a post on his or her blog daily. Yes that is a lot of writing, so you had better be passionate about whatever niche you choose to blog about. If you are starting a blog for your business, be sure to publish a post at least once a week and preferably more. It is best to sit down once a week and plan your blogging for the coming week. Also don’t feel like you have to write a blog post each day. You can write multiple posts when you are feeling particularly productive and just save them for publishing later. Try and figure out your most productive part of the day and schedule that for blogging.

Blogging Tip #2

Do Keyword Research – You can blog all you want, but if there isn’t anyone looking for what you are writing about, you will not have any readers. You can use a tool like the Google Keyword Planner, but if you have the budget, you should really invest in a good keyword research tool. My favorite is Long Tail Pro, although I have also use Jaaxy and can recommend that as well. The trick here is to find a keyword that is easy to rank for and has little competition. That is going to mean using long tail keywords, which are keyword phrases consisting of 3 or more words. Search volume really doesn’t matter as long as it is searched at least ten times per month. Blogging is like a snowball. Once you get it rolling it will continue to grow as long as you keep it rolling.

Blogging Tip #3

Utilize Good SEO – This ties into tip #2. Once you have your keyword picked for your post, now you must use it correctly in order to get ranked in the top search results. That is known as Search Engine Optimization and without it, you just won’t have any readers because no one will be able to find you. Here are someĀ  basic SEO tips.

  • Use your keyword in the title.
  • Use your keyword for the URL of your post.
  • Use your keyword in the first 100 words.
  • Use your keyword in the last 100 words.
  • Use your keyword in a heading.
  • Use images with your keyword as the alt text.

I could write a whole book on SEO, but those are very basic tips that you should follow in order to show the search engines what your post is about.


Whether you are a business owner looking to engage your clients and customers or you are a stay at home mom or dad looking to supplement your income, blogging can be a great way to do both of those things, when implemented correctly. Utilize the blogging tips outlined in this article and you will be well on your way to achieving your goal.